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Digital product design



Research and design techniques to solve
valuable business problems

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What you’ll get from my services

  • Insights from your business and users, to arm you with knowledge to make decisions and remove the need for guesswork
  • Someone who will uncover complex requirements and ensure they’re delivered on
  • Holistic solutions that appreciate and involve relevant areas of your business
  • Expertise in guiding a project end-to-end from uncertain origins to a clear validated solution
  • Confidence that you’re using valuable developer time building the right thing
  • Delivery of quick, tactical value as well as long term strategic objectives
  • ‘Team-glue’ - bringing together product, development and design teams around a problem and it’s solution

“I ensure that complex projects go in the right direction, to a valuable outcome.

I do this using research and design processes to explore business problems. Then realise and validate ideas so that development effort is confidently spent on the right solution.”


How I’ll do that

I apply a number of methodologies and activities when designing.

They broadly fit into 2 approaches: innovation supported predominantly by qualitative research and experimentation supported predominantly by quantitative research.


  • Business research to explore goals, objective and requirements
  • Qualitative and quantitative user research
  • Defining user problems
  • Validating decisions, whether at early concept stages or beta testing
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  • Rapid concepting and prototyping
  • High fidelity designs
  • Detailed specification for handover
  • Supporting agile delivery teams to ensure specifications are delivered on
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  • Fast and lean: design, test and learn via rapid prototyping or live experiments
  • Measurement of experiments and releases against key UX metrics
  • Team collaboration and ideation around problem statements
  • Remote, in-person and global methodologies

Where I've worked

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Why choose me?

  • I’m an experienced generalist and handle any aspect of the research and design process
  • I’m meticulous and detail oriented, leaving no corner unaccounted for
  • I love solving for complex projects… and bringing teams along on that journey
  • I get up to speed with new domains and businesses quickly
  • I can work fast and create quick feedback loops. Getting ahead of project teams so that decisions are agreed on ahead of time
  • I love what I do and bring energy and enthusiasm to the teams I work with. I build relationships with everyone from directors to developers to ensure we’re executing the right solution

“Ben transformed our work at BuzzSumo. The excitement, sense of purpose and bottom-line beautiful designs Ben brought to our team left a permanent impact. Take every chance you can get to work with him.”

Nate Walton - Product Director

Ways we can work together

I work remotely, hybrid, in-person and global

On a per-project basis

  • End-to-end from inception to delivery
  • Discovery to definition: Uncovering problems and ideating solutions
  • Ideation to delivery: Generating, validating then delivering solutions

An addition to your team as a designer and/or researcher

  • Slotting into your team as a lead/senior
  • Providing research and design process where required
  • Working on anything from strategic discovery projects to experimentation to regular Agile sprints

As a research consultant, exploring complex problem spaces to support strategic decision making

  • Planning and undertaking business and user research
  • Presenting findings and facilitating strategy sessions with senior stakeholders

Where I flourish

  • Where I can access stakeholders and users to uncover business goals and user needs
  • Where I’m entrusted to apply my initiative: arranging workshops, research sessions or any activities that are required to make progress
  • Brave companies who are keen to experiment and learn
  • …and have metrics set up so we can measure the above
  • Where the pace is ‘active’… rather than slow bureaucratic environments

Case studies

Get in touch

If you’d like to discuss any roles, projects or how research and design might solve your business problems, drop me an email.

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